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List of Egyptian newspapers for information on breaking news, sports, politics, events, jobs, history, education, travel, weather, food, and business in Egypt

Egyptian newspapers in Arabic

  • Al-Ahram

    One of the most widely read Egyptian newspapers in Arabic-language. The newspaper owned by the Egyptian government.

  • Al Gomhuria

    Arabic-language daily newspaper published in Cairo, Egypt. The newspaper published by Al-Tahrir Publishing House.

  • Al Messa

    Egypt's daily newspaper in Arabic-language published by Al-Tahrir Publishing House.

  • Al Osboa

    General-interest newspaper focusing on latest news from Arab world, economy, sports, culture, religion, and more.

  • Al-Masry Al-Youm

    Independent compact format newspaper owned by Al-Masry Al-Youm for Journalism and Publication.

  • El Fagr

    Egyptian weekly broadsheet newspaper founded in 2005.

  • Akhbar El Yom)

    Arabic-language newspaper published on Sundays.

  • Al Wafd

    Daily newspaper published by the Egyptian Wafd party in Giza.

  • Masr Alarabia

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