Uzbekistan Newspapers and Magazines

Top Uzbekistan newspapers, news sites, and magazines for information on sports, history, jobs, education, festivals, tourism, lifestyles, travel, and business.

Uzbekistan newspapers, magazines, and news sites

  • Khalq Sozi

    Leading Uzbek newspaper covering local, national, and international news, as well as coverage of sports, business, and entertainment.

  • Pravda Vostoka

    Major Russian-language newspaper publish in Uzbekistan. The newspaper offers local, state, national, and world news on sports, entertainment, business, and travel coverage.

  • Narodnoye Slovo

    Russian-language newspaper in Uzbekistan and featuring business, entertainment, sports and other news.

  • Ozbekistan Ozovi

  • Hurriyat (Freedom)

  • Uzbekistan National News Agency - In English

    Contains articles about politics, business, society, technology, culture, and sports.

  • Times of Central Asia

    Focusing on central Asian politics, opinion, economy, finance, market, energy, oil, gas, society, education, health, tourism, and art.

  • BBC News: Uzbekistan

  • Uz Report

    Business portal focusing on news, business, finance, banks, exchanges, insurance, markets, culture, sports, vacancies, and more.

  • Discovery Uzbekistan

    English language travel magazine. The magazine contains articles about arts, history, culture, travel, landscape and people of Central Asia.

  • San'at magazine

    Quarterly magazine published in Uzbek, Russian and English languages. The magazine focusing on architecture and painting, design, music, theatre, cinema, and more.

  • National Television and Radio Company

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