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List of Swedish magazines for latest celebrity news, movies, TV shows, music, celebrities, fashion, style, beauty, entertainment, men, women, sports, business, arts, health, computer, cooking, kids, and teen.

Swedish magazines

  • Se&Hör - Norwegin editon, SE og HØR - Danish editon

    One of the best selling magazines in Sweden and Norway. The magazine published twice a week.

  • Slitz

    Leading monthly Swedish men's magazine. The magazine contains articles about music, movies, games, crime, cars, and the outdoors.

  • Biotech Sweden

    Swedish tabloid covering biotech industry and Scandinavian life science.

  • Internetworld

    Magazine published by IDG and featuring e-commerce, marketing, web strategy, tools, and more.

  • Teknikens Värld

    Leading car magazine published by Bonnier.

  • Veckans Affärer

    Weekly Swedish business magazine.

  • Elle- Swedish edition

    Fashion magazine focusing on women's beauty, fashion, entertainment, and health.

  • Frida

    Teen's lifestyle magazine published bi-weekly. The magazine covering fashion and beauty, celebrities, health and exercise, jobs, schools, and more.

  • Expo

    Anti-racist magazine based in Stockholm.

  • Super PLAY

    Leading video game magazine in Swedish.

  • VeckoRevyn

    Weekly tabloid for women owned by the Bonniers Media Group.

  • Wheels

    Automotive magazine published in Sweden. The magazine mainly covering hot rods and custom cars.

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