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List of entertainment magazines featuring celebrity news, weddings, fashion, movies, TV shows, music, gossip, celebrities, pop culture, and more.

Entertainment magazines

People Entrtainment Magazine Cover People Magazine
One of the most popular magazines in United States. The magazine published by Time Inc., featuring celebrity news, lifestyles, fashion, beauty, shopping, health, human interest stories, styles, current news, and more. People magazine has few yearly special issues like 'The Best and Worst Dressed', 'Most Beautiful People' etc. People magazine was founded in 1974.

Entertainment Weekly magazine Entertainment Weekly
American Leading weekly entertainment magazine published by the Time division of Time Warner. The magazine covering entertainment news, celebrity interviews, movie reviews, upcoming movies, box office news, hollywood news, TV shows, DVD reviews, television shows, music reviews, book reviews, and more.

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Star magazine Star Magazine
Popular weekly news and entertainment magazine published by American Media, Inc. Star magazine covering lifestyles, celebrity news, horoscopes, puzzles, advice, celebrity photos, celebrity gossip, movie reviews, latest in celebrity fashions, and more.

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Life and Style Magazine Life and Style Magazine
American celebrity gossip magazine published by Bauer Media Group. The magazine covering important news story, latest hollywood fashion, lifestyles, clothing, body trends, and more.

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O, The Oprah Magazine O, The Oprah Magazine
Monthly magazine for women. The magazine was founded by Oprah Winfrey & Hearst Corporation

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OK! Magazine OK! Magazine
One of the largest celebrity lifestyle magazines. The magazine magazine published from USA, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Middle East.

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Mental floss Magazine Cover Mental floss
Bi-monthly magazine, based in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Reader's Digest Magazine Cover Reader's Digest
American general interest magazine based in New York City. The magazine published 10 times a year and covering entertainment, health, home, money, food, family, business, travel, and more.

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Script Magazine Script Magazine
Published by Final Draft, Inc. The magazine published six times a year, and featuring script writing industry, interviews, articles, scriptwriters, film and television script writing.

Filmmaker Magazine Filmmaker Magazine
Independent film making magazine published by Independent Featuring production, equipment, labs, exhibitions, distributors, publications, director interviews, filmmaker videos, and more.

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