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List of health magazines focusing on various issues like fitness, nutrition, healthy eating, weight-loss, diet, and more.

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Health Magazine Cover Health Magazine
Woman's guide to medical information, fashion, hair styles, health information, important health news stories, fitness, diet, weight loss, prevention, wellness, natural beauty, natural remedies, disease, symptom, drug. Health magazine owned by Time Inc., a division of Time Warner.

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Women's Health Magazine Cover Women's Health
Magazine covering success strategies, special reports, health, relationship, beauty breakthroughs, style, exercise tips, fashion, healthy food & nutrition information for better health, weight loss advice, fitness tips, and more.

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Men's Health Magazine Cover Men's Health
World's best selling men's health magazine published by Rodale Press featuring lifestyles, fitness, nutrition, diet, exercises, personal fitness program, STD, disease, injury prevention, and health tools. Men's Health magazine also published in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Philippines, South Africa, and United Kingdom.

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Men's Health Magazine Cover Natural Health
Featuring food and nutrition, alternative health practices, exercise, self-care, supplements and low fat recipes, preventative medicine, organic gardening, and consumer guides to natural products.

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Whole Living Magazine Cover Whole Living
Lifestyle and health magazine covering articles on natural health, personal growth, and well-being. The magazine published by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and based in New York City.

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Whole Living Magazine Cover Consumer Reports On Health
Monthly magazine featuring articles on latest health trends, honest criticisms, illnesses and medical procedures, and helpful tips for maintaining healthy lifestyle.

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Living Without Magazine Cover Living Without
Magazine published by Belvoir Publications, Inc. for people with allergies and food sensitivities.

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Fitness Magazine Cover Fitness
Magazine owned by Meredith Corporation. The magazine contain articles about beauty, style, diet plans, nutrition tips, success stories, healthy eating, beauty products, and more.

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Prevention Magazine Cover Prevention
One of the leading health magazines published in the United States. The magazine published by Rodale Press, covering emotional health, healthy lifestyles, relationships, natural remedies, vitamins, treatments, diabetes, flat belly diet, exercise equipments, fitness coaches, walking, yoga, cook, food chain, nutrition basics, recipe ideas, hair & nails, makeup, teeth & smiles, and more.

Self Magazine Cover Self
Leading Health magazine published by Condé Nast Digital. The magazine featuring fitness articles, fitness blog, food, diet, tips, tools to keep you healthy, health articles, beauty articles, health calculator, diet, and more.

Diabetic Living Magazine Cover Diabetic Living
Magazine is for consumers and their families living with diabetes featuring articles on weight loss and nutrition advice, blood sugar control, mecication, and recipes.

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Arthritis Today Magazine Cover Arthritis Today
Official magazine of the Arthritis Foundation providing news and information about arthritis research, care, and treatment.

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Weight Watchers Magazine Cover Weight Watchers
Bimonthly magazine promotes a healthy lifestyle by maintaining or losing weight. The magazine featuring articles about food and receipes, health and wellness, success stories, and more.

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Ability Magazine Ability Magazine
Magazine based in California, United States. The magazine contain articles about health and disability, new technologies, human interest stories, opportunities for people with disabilities, and more.

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Canadian Health and Lifestyle Canadian Health and Lifestyle
One of the top Canadian magazines. The magazine is the official sponsor of the Canadian Red Cross Child Care First Aid Education and Training Programs.

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