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List of history magazine that focusing on various issues like arts, environment, sciences, popular culture of the times, ancient cultures, early history, history of different part's of the world (America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia).

History Magazines

Archaeology History Magazine Archaeology
History magazine about archaeology covering archaeologist, archaeology books, archaeology news, anthropology, archaeological digs, archaeological dig, discovery, discoveries, books on archaeology, interactive digs, past cultures, prehistory, and more.

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Smithsonian History Magazine Smithsonian
Official magazine published by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.. The magazine featuring history, archeology, people, places, culture, technology, travel, nature, science, arts, wildlife, and more.

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History Today History Today
Premier history magazine published monthly in London covering Ancient history (Rome, Egypt, Greece, Britain), Medieval (Normans, Mongols, etc), early mordern history (Enlightenment, Renaissance, Reformation, etc), mordern history (industrial revoluton, british empire, napoleonic Era, French revolotion), 20th Century (first & sencond world war, cold war), 21st century, and more.

BBC History Magazine BBC History Magazine
The Magazine featuring British history. BBC History magazine is one of the most popular magazines in UK. The magazine published monthly.

Ancient Egypt Magazine Ancient Egypt
Egyptology magazine published in United Kingdom. Ancient Egypt published bi-monthly in English-language.

American Heritage History Magazine American Heritage
Covering history of the USA, great American place, travel issue, history now, historic American cities, historical significance, and more.

Natural History Magazine Natural History Magazine
Covering evoluton, climate change, water, environment, society and culture, universe, wildlife, and more.

Dig Magazine Dig Magazine
Children's magazine on archaeology.

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