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List of Music magazines featuring latest music news, celebrity interviews, reviews, new releases, music industry, creative artists, live festival, music blog and more.

Music Magazines

Spin Magazine Spin
Published by Spin Media LLC emphasis on rock music also covering live performance reviews, music reviews, live shows, new music, free songs, new mp3s, exclusive video, festival news, interviews, music videos, and more.

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Rolling Stone Magazine Rolling Stone
Leading music magazine, contains articles about music videos, music news, entertainment news, artist photos, celebrity photos, music reviews, movie reviews, music flashbacks, cover stories, and more.

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Opera News Magazine Opera News

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Billboard Magazine Billboard
Contains article about latest music news and music reviews.

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Entertainment Weekly Magazine Entertainment Weekly

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Guitar Player Magazine Guitar Player
Guitarists magazines featuring news, artists, lessons, gear, video, community and more.

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Guitar World Magazine Guitar World

Q Music Magazine Q Music
Leading music magazine covering music new release, music compilations, and more.

Pop Star Magazine Pop Star

Stereophile Magazine Stereophile

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