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List of Golf magazines focusing on golf championship, top golf players, instructions, golf equipment, clubs, golf resorts, latest golf news and events, and more.

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Golf Magazine Golf Magazine
One of the most most widely read golf magazines, owned by Time Inc. The magazine contains articles about golf championship, players, instructions, equipment, resorts, news, scores, blogs and more. The magazine was founded in 1960.

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Golf Digest magazine Golf Digest
USA based magazine published by Condé Nast Publication. The magazine covering equipments, instructions, gold gear, galf balls, tornaments, clubs, rankings, playsers, and more.

Golf Tips magazine Golf Tips
Magazine featuring instructions and golf equipments. The magazine based in Los Angeles, California and published by Werner Publishing Corporation.

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Golf World magazine Golf World
Published by Condé Nast Publications Golf world is a weekly news magazine of golf, featuring champions tour, nationwide tour, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and European Tour.

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Golf Illustrated Magazine Golf Illustrated
American golf magazine covering golf tips, equipments, fitness, golf history, golf improvement, golf lessons, and more.

Golf International magazine Golf International
UK based golf magazine featuring world class instruction, golf lessons, golf tips, US PGA Championship, British Open, and more.

Golf Monthly Magazine Golf Monthly
Featuring golf equipment, top golf players, coaches, golf instruction, golf clubs, golf course reviews, golf travel and pga tour news, and more.

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Golf week Magazine Golf week

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Golf Australia Magazine Golf Australia
Leading Golf magazine in Australia.

Links Golf Magazine

Golf Getaways


African American Golfer's Digest

Asia Pacific Golf Group

Bad Golfer

Cyber Golf

Golf Business

Golf Magic

Golf Range Times

Golf Today - UK

Golf Stat

Golf 365

National Club Golfer

Golf : Travel + Leisure

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