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List of film magazines featuring latest film industry news, film festivals, upcoming movies, box office news, Hollywood news, critical reviews, and moviemaking techniques.

Film Magazines

American Cinematographer Magazine American Cinematographer
Monthly magazine published by the American Society of Cinematographers. The magazine features interviews with cinematographers, technical information on latest tools and technologies.

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Boxoffice Magazine Boxoffice
Film industry magazine published by Boxoffice Media LP. The magazine is the official publication of the National Association of Theatre Owners and dedicated to the movie theatre business.

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Daily Variety Magazine Daily Variety Magazine
Weekly entertainment magazine of showbiz industry. The magazine covering entertainment news, film festivals, reviews, music, television, radio, and other interactive media.

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Entertainment Weekly magazine Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment magazine published by the Time division of Time Warner. The magazine featuring celebrity interviews, critical reviews, upcoming movies, box office news, hollywood news, TV shows, DVD reviews, television shows, music and book reviews, and more.

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Film Comment Magazine Film Comment
Magazine published by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. The magazine covering art-house, avant-garde, and mainstream filmmaking.

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MovieMaker Magazine MovieMaker
Monthly magazine emphasis on independent film making. The magazine featuring up-to-date information on contemporary independent, studio films and classic moviemaking techniques.

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