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List of Bahrain magazines for latest movies, entertainment, TV shows, music, celebrities, fashion, sports, arts, health, and more.

Bahrain magazines

  • Woman This Month - WTM

    English-language monthly woman’s magazine published in Bahrain. The magazine focusing social issues, art, entertainment, health, beauty and fashion, beauty tips, makeup tips, hairstyles, shopping information, beauty products, women's career, and more.

  • Gulf Weekly Magazine

    Focusing on film, travel, TV shows, shipping, fashion, and more.

  • Ohlala

    Premier fashion magazine published in Kingdom of Bahrain. The magazine also published in Sate of Qatar, and Kuwait. The magazine covering latest fashion, beauty, health, fitness, lifestyles, celebrity, and more.

  • Bahrain This Month

    Bahrain's leading entertainment magazine. The magazine contains articles about entertainment, fashion, Bahrain sports, restaurant guide, Bahrain cinema, events calendar, book reviews, and more.

  • Signature Bahrain

    Luxury lifestyle magazine in published in Manama, Bahrain.

  • Al Demokrati

    Published by the National Democratic Action Society in Bahrain.

  • MaxMedia Bahrain

    Bahraini publishing house specializing in the production of business to business magazines, trade journals, and more.

  • FACT Bahrain

    Covering fashions, arts, culture, travel, technology, and more.

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